52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley surprised spicy Topless shots

52-летняя Элизабет Херли удивила пикантными кадрами топлес Actress and model fans excited, provocative video. In the video, which appeared on the Internet, Elizabeth Hurley posing Topless swimsuit, soaking up the sun. Fans of the star were delighted with its publication.

52-year-old actress and model Elizabeth Hurley did not seem to vary with age. The star never ceases to show what amazing shape she is in. In a microblog celebrity photos occasionally appear in a bathing suit, which always gather a large number of likes and enthusiastic comments.

Recently Hurley again stirred up fans with candid shots. This time Elizabeth decided to show how she sunbathes in the garden of his home in Herefordshire. Spicy detail short clip that appeared in one of the social networks actress, was the fact that the video she poses Topless swimsuit. Apparently, a celebrity will visit in a good mood: she smiles and flirtatious waves with slender legs.

Fans of Elizabeth was delighted with her new publications. In their opinion, the actress has once again confirmed the title of sex symbol. In the comments to the post Hurley wrote to her many compliments and was asked how she manages to look so wonderful. “Very sensual”, “Awesome”, “I love it”, “perfection”, “I forgot what I wanted to say”, “I Love you,” “Wow,” was discussed by users of social networks.

Earlier in an interview to journalists Hurley told me that not sitting on a strict diet. In recognition of Elizabeth, her main rule – do not eat before bedtime. In the morning the actress always drinks a glass of water. Only after that the celebrity will now proceed to Breakfast. In his youth, confessed the star, it severely limited the caloric content of your diet, but eventually came to the conclusion that it is better just to control the menu. Hurley also noted that a very thin woman in the age – “it’s ugly”.

Speaking of sports loads, the actress admitted that she loves walking in the fresh air with your favorite pet. According to Elizabeth, she has several dogs that help her keep in shape. In addition, a couple of times a week, the star definitely does yoga. As for the daily training, the celebrity regularly spends time stretching.

Recently, Elizabeth Hurley surprised the journalists with an unexpected confession. The actress remembered a story that happened over a decade ago. According to the actress, she saved her son from the reptile, made his way to his bed. Then the star grabbed an axe and chopped off the head of the snake. “Never get between a lioness and her cubs,” added Hurley.