50-year-old Natalie Sturm sparkles Topless on vacation

50-летняя Наталья Штурм сверкает обнаженной грудью на отдыхе The singer of the hit “high School romance” basking in luxury foreign resort. In the microblog Natalia Assault regularly, new provocative photos in which the star is depicted half-naked. Fans of the actress admired her form.
50-летняя Наталья Штурм сверкает обнаженной грудью на отдыхе

50-year-old Natalia Shturm’s enjoying abroad. The popular performer is resting on one of the gorgeous Spanish beaches. In the microblog actress regularly updated with new pictures taken in another country. Natalia almost daily published the images of her posing half-naked.

Photos of the Assault to be controversial on the Internet. While some social media users criticized the excessive candor of the singer, while others admire her stunning figure and suggest often to put their photos in Instagram. It is worth noting that those who are in awe of the beauty of Natalia, most of them. “Ah, what woman, me such”, “You are amazing”, “fascinating you”, “Know our”, “Hot”, “Cool”, “Who does not like, even envious silence” – written by fans of the performer.

Being on the beach, Natalia decided to follow the example of many women and has the courage to sunbathe Topless. Before that, the singer asked fans whether she should strip naked in a public place. They found that such a beautiful woman like Storm does not need to hide its charms from the public. The star decided to follow the advice of their followers and emancipated pleasure. However, as it turned out, not everyone appreciated her act.

“According to numerous requests, today I decided to sunbathe Topless. After an hour I remained on the Bank’s one – woman took his of the Spaniards. Am I that scary?” – told the star in his microblog.

After some time, she decided once again to please the fans of provocative pictures. Celebrity published a picture where she poses, barely covering his bare chest. I must say that photo of Natalia created a furor in the Network. “You’re right Venus de Milo, divine and sexy”, “The sweetest”, “well Done, you have the right to any swimsuit, the Goddess of the Storm. We are delighted,” was discussed by users of social networks.

Adding that Natalia Shturm – star 90-ies, known for the hit “high School romance” who once blew up all the dance floors. In the last few years, the artist decided to move away from a music career and concentrated on writing books. In addition, Natalie regularly performs at corporate events and retro discos.

50-летняя Наталья Штурм сверкает обнаженной грудью на отдыхе