50-year-old Natalie Storm blew Network relaxed with the Topless

50-летняя Наталья Штурм взорвала Сеть раскованным снимком топлес The singer and the writer started on holiday abroad. While in Spain, Natalia Shturm decided to strip to the waist. The singer has demonstrated to other guests its curvy shape. Fans of Natalia was excited by her provocative photo.
50-летняя Наталья Штурм взорвала Сеть раскованным снимком топлес

Star 90 Natalia Shturm is on vacation in Spain. 50-year-old actress is relaxing at the local Spa. The singer shared with the subscribers by the emotions from the stay in another country. “Opened the swimming season. The water’s lukewarm, only I’m too shy to sunbathe Topless. It seems to me that everyone is watching,” said Natalia in a microblog. The singer also posted a photo where she flashed its splendid forms. Fans Storm marvelled at her picture and said that we should not hide such beauty.

After reviewing the reaction of users of social networks, Natalia decided to follow their advice. The singer has shared a daring photograph of her posing Topless. The actress caused a storm of emotions on the Internet. Many members of the Storm were shocked by its publication. They found that Natalia is in amazing shape. According to many, the figure of the celebrity can only envy.

“According to numerous requests, today I decided to sunbathe Topless. After an hour I remained on the Bank’s one – woman took his of the Spaniards. Am I that scary?” – shared the star in his microblog.

Fans Storm began to discuss her photo in social networks. “Cool”, “Beauty”, “You are incredible”, “that’s what I understand! Luxurious, charming and sexy”, “Hot”, “Incredible”, “Know our”, “Very brave”, “Natalia, you have a charming shape, you are a dream of every man, not complex”, “Need more candid shots, and then the whole beach will be at your disposal,” wrote in the comments to a provocative frame of the star.

We add that the singer Natalia Shturm famous with the hit “high School romance” which blew up all the dance floors in the second half of the 90s. Just on account of the singer four albums. The last to date album of the artist published in 2002. It was called “Mirror of love”. Then came the eponymous video of the singer with Andrey Sokolov.

At the moment Natalia practically engaged in musical activity, preferring to play on the retro disco instead of having to record new songs. Apparently, the artist decided to focus on writing books. Among the works, the storming of the novels “the School of strict regime, or Love colors of youth”, “All shades of pain” and “Sun in parentheses”.