30-year-old American has claimed that he is the illegitimate son of Prince

30-летний американец утверждает, что он — внебрачный сын Принса
There is a new Challenger for the inheritance of the singer.


Photo: Splash News/East news

Since then, as little more than a week ago Prince
was found dead in the Elevator of the mansion belonging to him in Minnesota, his name is not
come from the pages of the press. Latest news: the singer has allegedly found a new
the heir! A 30-year-old American, of Minneapolis, stated that he — the illegitimate
the son of a Prince! Moreover, the “offspring” of the pop star set up very strongly, he is willing
to go through a DNA test. Apparently, his claims are not entirely unfounded,
as this case interested in international organization,
specializing in finding heirs. If it turns out that the young man,
whose name is not disclosed, and in fact the son of a singer, he has a good chance
to 300 million inheritance of the singer.

Before “son” Prince stated his claim,
it was believed that the money gets to the sister of the singer – Tiki Nelson. After all
the only child of a singer who at the time of his death, was not married, was killed just
a few days after his birth. Toddler Fight Gregory, son
from first wife Prince — Mayet Garcia, who suffered severe brain pathology
brain died just a week after his birth. Prince and his wife
were shocked by the death of his son. They were never able to recover from a terrible
the tragedy that ruined their relationship. They divorced three years after
the death of his son…

Incidentally, in addition to the newly-born “son and sister
Tiki Nelson, his claim to the inheritance allegedly preparing to present a more
five people half — brothers and sisters of the singer. Because Prince’s parents divorced,
when he was a child. And Matty Show — mum of the singer has remarried,
who was not childless. Besides, John Nelson, father of Prince, there were two
children from his first marriage. And Yes, the mother of the singer, to the moment of meeting with John already brought up
your premarital baby — son, from her former boyfriend…

It is unclear, what are the chances of brothers and sisters
singer to receive the share of the inheritance. According to the law, money, like, should go to
the nearest of kin. And, in that capacity, to date there appears
Tiki. However, in Minnesota law the consolidated and brothers and sisters are considered
equal. So, perhaps, as Prince will still be divided into parts.
Unless it is proved that the so-called “son” and in fact a child