17-year-old son, Oleg Gazmanov Philip struck a muscular body

17-летний сын Олега Газманова Филипп поразил мускулистым телом

The son of Oleg Gazmanov on his page on Instagram published a picture that could pass for advertising new underwear from Calvin Klein. 17-year-old boy is set on a cliff, was quite provocative and attractive posture, while directed his gaze to the side to further draw attention to the picture.

Philip loves to play sports and likes to improve your body. The result of hard and diligent work on oneself worthy of respect.

Do you think that Philip may be supplied in the model? Growth prospects is evident.

Recall that Philip, though is the name Gazmanov, but by blood relationship with the artist is not bound. The real biological father of the young man is Vyacheslav Mavrodi – the brother of the founder “MMM”.

Now 17-year-old Philip is educated in London, and in Russia is extremely rare.