11 the most striking freaks of “Eurovision”

11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»
7days.ru offers a selection of the most outrageous members of the famous song contest.

Today in Stockholm will host the final of the international contest “Eurovision 2016”.
While the whole country aches for the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev, 7days.ru remember
the most striking freaks for 61-year history of the competition.

“Genghis Khan”

11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»

a group of “Genghis Khan”

It all started back in 1979. To this day rare
the disco is complete without the eponymous the band’s songs from Germany “Genghis Khan”
(Dschinghis Khan), which was established just six weeks before
German national selection for “Eurovision-1979”. Six
the band members came on stage in ridiculous costumes, which apparently were
created from all items of clothing Mongol tribes of different times. Main
a hero on stage was the dancer Louis Potgieter speaking in the role of Genghis Khan. Guy
a bare-chested conquered the female half of the audience. Unfortunately, in the 79th
the group was unable to appreciate, and the boys took fourth place,
but the world popularity has been provided for many years.

Barbie from Yugoslavia

11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»

Dragan Sharif

In 1991 fans of “Eurovision” impressed
the representative of Yugoslavia Dragan Sharif, acting under the alias Baby
Doll. The girl came on the scene in the image of the Barbie doll. Unfortunately Yugoslavia,
the song Brazil was not included even
in the top ten. Strange backing dancers (the guys obviously not very worked on
the rehearsals), bright doll outfit and pretty mediocre vocal Baby Doll
forever entered the history of “Eurovision”.

The first transvestite of “Eurovision”

11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»

Dana International.

In 1998, the winner (the winner)
“Eurovision” was the Israeli singer Dana international.
The fact that the girl Dana was born Yaron Cohen. The popular singer received
while still a man: fame brought the guy the money and the opportunity to make
a sex-change operation. Vociferous transvestite Dana international won the first
place in the competition, receiving 174 points.



11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»

Michalis Rakintzis

“Eurovision-2002” remembered by the audience
the performance of two bands. The representatives of Greece Michalis Rakintzis with
his team came on stage in suits whether robots, whether the “robocops”,
to sing the song “I love you”. Despite the efforts of the guys in the video
is clearly evident that the musicians sweat so much under the leather costumes that the very
the performance is given to them is very difficult, only got 17th place.

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  • 11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»
    Sergey Lazarev

  • 11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»
    Verka Serduchka


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11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»

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    Inter compilation. Thank you.


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    11 самых ярких фриков «Евровидения»

    Nika Great

    14.05.2016 | 11:32

    Nothing interesting. What does the freaks to the group of “Genghis Khan” or the guys in leather suits, under which they allegedly were sweating??
    Before buying a 7 days, now just read here. And less and less. Not a resource and the garbage..


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    A circus, not a competition!!
    Sergei, get out of there quick!! You deserve better…maybe…


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